Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Mr. Todd Brister, President

Ms. Kristian Chapman, Vice President

Ms. Marilyn Fenimore, Secretary

Ms. Erica Lester, Treasurer

Board Meeting Dates 2021 @12:00pm

January 25

February 22

March 22

April 26

May 24

June 28

August 23

September 27

October 25

November 15

All Board meetings are open to the public in person and via Zoom. A Zoom link request is needed one week prior to the meeting date. Requests are sent to


Ms. Irene Field

Ms. Hollee Hansen

Ms. Elizabeth Humphries

Ms. Ashley McDaniel

Ms. Michelle Matt

Ms. Brenda Parker

Mr. Alvin Peters

Mr. Aaron Rich

Ms. Gretchen Rivera

Mr. Tim Thompson

Ms. Keri Weatherly

Ms.Jeannette Chapman, Emeritus Member