Child Care Training

The following information has been provided to further assist child care providers in obtaining their state mandated training needs.

If you are new to the DCF Childcare database, (, please click on the link: “Click here”  to register as a new user. Proceed to follow the directions to enter your information in the system.

If you already have an existing account in the DCF Childcare system, please enter your valid email address and password. Please DO NOT start a new account if you do not remember what email address you have previously entered. Click the link for Forgot Email.

Once You Have Entered the DCF Database

Click Save and Continue at the personal demographics page.

Choose one of the options in the main menu according to your needs.

If you want to register for an Instructor led course (face to face), please choose the county and click Next, or you may choose to view the schedule prior to registering for a course. In this case, you will click Print PDF Schedule for the county you have selected.

      • Select the course you wish to register for by clicking on the circle next to that course, then click Next.
      • Then click on the box next to the module you want to select and then click Next.
      • Click Next if everything is correct.
      • Select Pay for courses if you are not going to add anymore courses.

If you need to register for online courses, click the Online Course tab:

      • Use the drop down arrow to select the training area you want to register for then click Next
      • The list of courses will populate below the training area you have selected
      • Click on the circle next to the course you wish to register for then click Next
      • Click Next again
      • Click to pay for courses or return to the main menu if you are not done registering or plan to pay later.

If you need to register for the child care competency exam, please call 1-888-352-2842.

Have You Already Registered and Paid for a Course?

If you are already registered and have paid for the course, you may register online for the exam. To register online, follow these instructions:

      • From the web address above, click Competency Exams Enroll/Unenroll
      • Click the box next to the exam date and location you want to select
      • Click the box(es) for each exam you would like to register for
      • Click Next
      • If everything is correct, click Next again
      • You will see a confirmation that you are registered on the next page
      • Click on the button to print your confirmation letter to review your information is correct
      • Mail the bottom payment information with your payment to EEC.
        General training questions should be directed to the Child Care Training Information Center at 1-888-352-2842.
        Early Education and Care, Inc. Training Department staff’s are available to assist you.


Millie Tizol
Training Director
850-872-7550 or 1-800-768-8316 ext. 2289

Lauri Webb
Training Specialist
850-872-7550 or 1-800-768-8316 ext. 2287

Are You in Need of Assistance?

To apply for the Head Start or Early Head Start programs simply click the link below to get started with the application process.