Support Headstart

Early Education and Care, Inc. receives federal funding for the Head Start and Early Head Start program from the Department of Health and Human Services. In order to receive any federal funds for HS/EHS, we must secure 20% matching funds from other non-federal sources.

Matching funds can be cash or inkind. Inkind is the noncash contributions provided by the organization, other public agencies, private organizations/individuals unless limited by the program. Head Start and Early Head Start are successful programs due to the generosity of our state and local communities.

How can you support Head Start and Early Head Start

Be a volunteer:

  • Assist in the classroom (assisting teachers, reading to the children, etc.)
  • Assist on field trips
  • Assist in planning programs
  • Assist as a translator
  • Assist with transportation needs


  • Cash donation
  • Professional volunteer services (health, dental, etc.)
  • Time
  • Program supplies & materials
  • Equipment