Health/Nutrition Coordinator

This position is responsible for the overall evaluation of health services, including medical, dental and nutritional services of all Head Start children enrolled through Early Education and Care, Inc.

  1. Maintains case management of health services for all Head Start children.
  2. Assists staff to ensure goals, policies and activities of health programs are implemented according to objectives and performance standards.
  3. Updates annual health plan in conjunction with policy council, parents, and health department staff.
  4. Coordinates policies and procedures for responding to medical and dental emergencies.
  5. Assists teaching staff in implementing a health education curriculum.
  6. Assists in the coordination of referring children and their families to resources.
  7. Serves as an advocate for child health.
  8. Promotes preventive health services and early intervention.
  9. Maintains health records to include immunization and physical requirements.
  10. Investigates, identifies and follows-up health and nutritional problems as referred by staff.
  11. Identifies, reports, and provides supportive services in child abuse cases, working in conjunction with social services.
  12. Designs and conducts health/nutrition education for parents and staff.
  13. Promotes, in conjunction with other Head Start staff, active parent involvement in the total Head Start Health Program.
  14. Facilitates and serves on Health Services Advisory Committee.
  15. Assists in the preparation of budget, which includes allocation of funds for medical, dental, nutritional supplies and equipment.
  16. Establishes ongoing and collaborative relationships with community organizations to insure Head Start funds are dollars of last resort.
  17. Develops Care Plans for IHP for child with chronic health concerns.
  18. Actively participates in the planning of agency events, such as Kidfest and other activities sponsored by EEC. Attendance is required at these events.
  19. Responsibles for gathering resources that will support contractual match requirements for EEC’s funding sources.
  20. Abides by the policies and procedures set forth by the Board of Directors.