BUS MONITOR/Support Teacher

1. Responsible for communication with children, transportation specialist, parents, school staff, emergency personnel, co-workers, and others.
2. Assist bus driver in a cooperative manner.
3. Notify the bus driver if a discipline or safety problem develops on the bus.
4. Responsible for filing written incident reports as necessary.
5. Responsible for attending meetings and conferences regarding child’s behavior.
6. Must demonstrate sensitivity, tolerance, and respect for differences among children and adults.
7. Responsible for assisting in loading and unloading children at all times while on duty. Ensure that all children are safely buckled in their car seats or harnesses while bus is in motion.
8. Responsible for checking entire bus for children at end of each run post check.
9. Responsible for assisting children and driver in emergencies, such as emergency evacuations.
10. Assist bus driver in preparing an evacuation plan for each route.
11. Responsible for knowing route, location of stops; which children should board or exit and parent’s, guardian’s and children names in order to assist substitute bus driver or to assist in an emergency.
12. Must be prompt for bus run.
13. Responsible for assisting bus driver with child management.
14. Responsible for child’s safety while loading and unloading.
15. Responsible for assisting in training children in bus safety.
16. Must be familiar with agency’s policies regarding physical contact with children.
17. Respect the confidentiality of children and their families.
18. Must be willing to take specialized courses such as First Aid, CPR, when appropriate.
19. Notify bus driver of anticipated absence at least two weeks in advance. In case of illness, notify bus driver a minimum of one hour in advance.
20. Must maintain current first aid and CPR.
21. Attend staff meetings, workshops, conferences, parent meetings and parent conferences as needed and obtain necessary 15 in-service training hours to meet the required yearly training.
22. Respond appropriately to crisis or emergency situations that may occur.
23. Actively participate in the planning of agency fund-raising events, such as Kidfest, Annual Banquet and other activities sponsored by EEC.
24. Responsible for gathering resources that will support contractual match requirements for EEC’s funding sources.
25. Abide by policies and procedures set forth by the Board of Directors.

Must possess a high school diploma and demonstrated ability to deal positively with children, parents and co-workers, regardless of various socio-economic back-grounds.

Position pays: $9.10/hour; Full time position includes benefits. Part time position also available without benefits.

Qualified applicants are encouraged to apply at Early Education and Care, Inc. 450 Jenks Avenue, Panama City, FL 32401 or fax resume to: (850) 769-1066. EOE M/F/V/D

We will continue to accept applications until position is filled.